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About Sponsor-A-Dog (SAD)


Chinese New Year is a time for all things good and new. To usher in the New Year, SOSD will be initiating a new programme Sponsor-A-Dog (SAD) which will replace the current Sponsor-A-Shelter (SAS) programme from 1 February 2014.

Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) understands that while many Singaporeans would love to adopt a street dog, they are unable to as regulations dictate that medium-sized dogs are not allowed in HDB flats, which majority of Singaporeans live in. SAD programme aims to bridge this gap, by allowing dog lovers to ‘adopt’ a larger size dog, while still allowing the dog to continue living with SOSD until they find a permanent home in private housing, which may take up to 2 years.

Through the SAD programme, SOSD hopes to reach out to people who long to keep a dog, but cannot do so, for various reasons. In addition, SOSD has faced various financial strains with SAS programme due to the exponential rise of the number of rescued dogs in their Centre resulting in huge vet expenses. The SAS programme is only able to partially cover boarding fees, which accounted to an average of 23% of SOSD’s 2013 total expenditure.

The Sponsor-A-Dog programme will kick-start with close to 50 dogs and sponsorship value for each and every dog will be dependent on the dog’s profile. This includes its size, health condition, rehabilitation needs and miscellaneous costs. SOSD plans to build more enclosures in the first half of this year, to accommodate and rehabilitate the rising number of dogs that they foresee taking in. Dogs would have to be at the shelter for a minimum of 3 months and without much interest from potential adopters in order to be eligible for the Sponsor-A-Dog programme.

Sponsors will be allowed to visit their sponsored dog on a weekly basis, go on dog walks supervised by SOSD’s volunteers and receive monthly updates on the dog’s progress. In addition, the sponsor’s name will be listed outside the dog’s enclosure. The SAD programme will be offered on a minimum sponsor period of 3 months and deducted on a monthly basis via GIRO. Sponsors have a choice to withdraw their sponsorship with a month’s notice period, or continue until their sponsored dog gets adopted.

This festive season, hopefully we could think of the less fortunate, and give some red packets to our stray and abandoned dogs.

[Reprint from SOSD website:]



Barabas, Dearly Missed


Save Our Street Dogs [SOSD] Web Site






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