Grand Bargain Watch

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[Photo Credit:  Grand Bargain Watch, donkeyhotey’s photostream, flickr]

Grand Bargain Watch

This Section Is Reserved For Articles, Legislation, Etc., Pertaining To The So-Called ‘Grand Bargain’ Which The Current Administration Is So Diligently Pursuing.

This Section Will Remain Dormant Until Tax And ‘Entitlement’ Negotiations Resume In Earnest During The 2014 Lame Duck Session, Or Early Next Year, When It Is Expected That Republican US Representative Paul Ryan (WI) Will Assume The Chairmanship Of The House Ways And Means Committee.

Numerous Reports Indicate That Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (OR) Has Already Successfully Negotiated Some Of The Most Sought-After Tax Reforms–Such As Lowering The Corporate And Top Marginal Individual Tax Rates.

Stay Tuned.




[Photo Credit, Disco Weasel, Photo Bucket]

[Photo Credit:  Disco Weasel, Photo Bucket]


The Federal Hub

A “Q&A” Style Forum For Discussion Of The US Federal Health Care System, And Its Various Programs–Medicare, Medicaid, And The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA), MERP (Medicaid Estate Recovery Program), As Well As The US Civil Service Retirement System, and the US Military Retirement System.

Special Emphasis Will Be Placed On Pending Or Proposed Legislative Reforms.

Stay tuned.









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