Photo Of The Day: Racing Sled Dogs

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3de98c10-727a-11e4-b465-c72b950df650_RTR4F5QR--Dog Mushing

[Photo Credit:  Reuters, Laszlo Balogh, Yahoo! News, Photos Of The Day, 11/22/14]

“A musher races with his dogs during a sled dog European Championship in Venek, Hungary on November 22, 2014.”  [Yahoo!News]

As a former Alaska Resident who has been at the beginning and finish lines of two major North American Sled Dog Races–the Yukon Quest International, and the Iditarod Trail–it brings a smile to my face to see the elated faces of these Siberian Huskies.

Both Musher and dogs are tougher than I.  And to this day, I remain in awe of those who have the courage, mental fortitude, and physical stamina to participate in these grueling and potentially dangerous contests.

(The Alaska races have stringent rules regarding safeguarding the health, safety and care of sled dogs, with many veterinarian checkpoints/checkups throughout the course of the race.)














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