Reporting From Ferguson, Missouri–Grand Jury Watch #1

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Even more depressing than this move by a Democratic Party Governor, is the fact that ‘police [departments] nationwide brace for protests after Ferguson [Grand Jury] decision.’

What this means, depends upon the locale.

For instance,

. . . in Berkeley, Missouri, a town neighboring Ferguson, officials this week passed out fliers urging residents to be prepared for unrest just as they would a major storm – with plenty of food, water and medicine in case they’re unable to leave home for several days.


Philadelphia police spokesman Lt. John Stanford anticipates his city will see demonstrations, regardless of what the grand jury returns. “We’re not oblivious to the fact that … there are going to be protests,” he said.

But big-city police departments stressed they’re well-equipped to handle crowds.

Obviously, mayors of many of the urban areas are Democrats.  And the use of heavy-handed police tactics may prove to be a gigantic misstep if Democrats hope to increase voter turnout in Black Communities during the 2016 [Presidential] election cycle.

Time will tell . . .





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